Privacy Policy

Welcome to Softwares Academy. You may use the website at, you should review each Service’s specific statement before using.

This privacy statement outlines the categories of personal data we may gather for our own use, how we use, safeguard, and distribute that data, as well as your options. You agree to the information gathering procedures and objectives described in this Privacy Policy by using the Services. The definitions given in the Terms of Use of the relevant Services apply to any capitalised terms used but not otherwise defined in this privacy policy.

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Information Types We Gather

The sorts of data that we might obtain directly from you, about you, and/or from other sources, such as third parties, business partners, our affiliates, or publicly accessible sources, are illustrated by the following.

Directly obtained information from you:

  • Registering an account: when you create an account, your name, email address, phone number, and other pertinent information. We might also keep track of the activities you carry out while signed into your account. We have a commercial need to collect and utilise this data in order to offer our users account-related functions. Accounts can be utilised for quick checkout, preference saving, interest-based area selection, and transaction history.
  • Placement of orders and lead forms: When you use the lead and order forms on our services, we receive information from you. Your name, email address, phone number, billing address, shipping address, and payment information could be included (e.g., credit card number). Additionally, these forms could request details unique to your request, including the brand and model of your car for auto insurance, your military service for secondary school, or other details required by one of our business clients. We use your information to carry out tasks related to a contract to provide you with goods or services, which is the reason for the gathering and use of this data.
  • information about money: You may give us information on your national identification, credit history, income, loan amounts, and account balances when using various Red Venture Services to request financial products and services. Examples include enquiries for credit cards and loans for items like mortgages, personal loans, and student loans. Our GLBA notice may also apply in some circumstances to the acquisition of this information for specific Services. The information is being collected because we have a commercial need to utilise it to process your request and put you in touch with lenders who can provide the goods and services you require.
  • Data that you publish on the services: When you submit or upload anything to our services, such as your username, comments, likes, hobbies, status, photographs, and references to your online persona, we may gather Personal Information about you. We may use your information for our purposes and/or make this information available to others as you request.
  • Information you Disclose Regarding Others: You could occasionally provide details about others, such as when recommending a friend to sign up for a newsletter. To make our Services available to the people you recommend, we might utilise this information.
  • Surveys: We obtain the information you voluntarily supply during survey participation. Your information will be collected, used, and disclosed in accordance with the third party’s privacy policy if a third-party service provider is providing the survey. We need to know your opinions in order to conduct business and to gather data that is pertinent to our organisation, thus that is why we are collecting and using this data.
  • competitions or sweepstakes: We gather information about you when you decide to take part in a sweepstakes or contest, including contact information so we can let you know whether you’ve won. We have a commercial need to gather and utilise this data in order to run the competition or sweepstakes. We may also be obligated by law to collect data from those who enter our sweepstakes in certain circumstances, and we have a business interest in doing so.
  • Email list: Your email address and/or postal address are collected if you subscribe to one of our mailing lists. We need to communicate information about our goods and services for commercial purposes, so the gathering and use of this data is necessary.
  • Promotion of a partner: We gather whatever information you voluntarily share as part of a promotion with another business. We need to gather and utilise this data for business purposes in order to carry out our promotions.
  • Feedback/Support: If you provide us comments or get in touch with us for support, we might need your name, email address, and any other materials you send us so we can respond. We have a commercial need to receive and respond to your feedback or problems, thus the gathering and use of your data is motivated by that requirement.
  • Job-related information (provided by you directly): When you decide to apply for a job at a Red Ventures Company, we gather the data required to handle your application or keep you on as an employee. Your resume or CV, Social Security number, and other details you supply during the application and hiring process are a few examples of what may be included in this. We collect information to make it easier for us to match you with open positions, conduct recruiting activities more efficiently, and carry out our contract of employment—or the anticipation of employment—with you.

Automatically collected data:

Interconnectivity of email. We may use tools to collect information about when you open our email, click on any links or advertisements it contains, and make purchases if you receive email from us. We have a business requirement to understand how you respond to our communications to you, which is why we collect and use this data.
Mobile Technology (such as Phones, Tablets, Connected TVs, Gaming Consoles, and Other Digital Media Streaming Devices). When you use one of our Services, your mobile device may transmit unique identifying information that we may gather from it. We have a commercial need to identify distinctive visitors and comprehend how people engage with us on their devices, which is why we gather and use this data.
encounters with websites. We employ technologies to find out how you use our website (e.g., session replay). This could involve the links you select or the data you provide into our online forms. Additionally, details about your browser or device might be included here. For commercial purposes, we need to know how you interact with our website so that we can improve it. We also need to know your preferences and interests so that we can choose the offerings that you might find most useful. Additionally, we have a business need to safeguard our services and find and stop fraud.
Area Information. We may ask for your consent to collect your location data when you use some of our services. Some aspects of our Services (such location-based offers) might require confirmation of your location in order to work, therefore if you choose not to share your location data, those services won’t be available to you. The device you’re using and how you’re connected to the Internet can both affect how precise the location data is. We may periodically gather location data when you use or leave open our Services if you activate location services for them. You might be able to control whether location data is gathered from with the controls on your device, depending on the platform you use to access our Applications (for example, Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android).
cookies in general As a result of your use of the Services, we, our service providers working on our behalf, and other companies gathering information on our pages may automatically collect or receive certain information about you and/or your device(s) using device-based tracking technologies like cookies, pixels, tags, beacons, scripts, or other technology. We gather and utilise this information because it’s necessary for our business to run smoothly, provide you a variety of internet experiences, and give you the option to save preferences like login information and preferred language. See our Cookie Policy for more information.
Cookies used for marketing. Some of our Services engage in behavior-based advertising, which uses technology (such as cookies) to gather data about how you use them in order to show you advertisements for goods and services that are more relevant to your preferences, either on our Services or on other websites. We have a business requirement to engage in behavior-based advertising and collect analytics on our Services, which is why we collect and use this data. Geolocation data, such as (a) information identifying the specific location of your mobile device (when you agree to let an app or service collect this) and (b) your IP address, which may be used to determine your approximative position, may be included in the information we collect. We use your information to make sure the Services function correctly and to send you personalised content and advertisements. Cross-Device Tracking: For further details, see our Cookie Policy. When users engage with websites and services that are not linked with us but use our technologies, such as cookies and other tracking tools, we and our service providers may gather and retain information about their activities. This enables us to connect those browsers and devices into a device graph, for example, and infer the existence of a similar user or household behind a number of different devices or browsers. In order to enable customers to utilise our services on one device and seamlessly continue where they left off on another device, we have a commercial need to understand how users interact with our sites across devices. Inferred from the surfing habits on all of the devices, we also have a business need to offer tailored advertisements on each device.
Analytics of data. To better comprehend and examine how users interact with our Services, we make use of a variety of web analytics tools, including third-party services like Google Analytics. Your browser type, operating system, Internet Protocol (IP) address, domain name, click activity, referring website, and/or a date/time stamp are all pieces of information that we may gather from visitors. We have a business requirement to keep an eye on our networks and website users, which is why we collect and use this data. We might get both individual and collective reports on how these technologies are used. Following your usage of the Site, these analytics services, including outside services like Google Analytics, utilise this information to display adverts for our products on other websites you visit. These adverts might be based on things you do while using the site, like the sites you visit and what you do there. Click here for further details on how Google may use the data it gathers through the Site. Installing the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-on is another option you have if you want to refuse Google Analytics’ collection of your data. Our Cookie Policy contains further information.

We might obtain data from different sources, such as:

Client Information. We may gather contact information from our business clients’ and their workers’ employees, such as name, email, address, and/or phone number. In order to run our website effectively and give our business clients the possibility to save preferences like login and preferred language, we have a commercial requirement to collect and utilise this data.
information about money. When you utilise some of our Services, we may obtain information about you from credit reporting agencies, financial data aggregators, and your financial service provider(s), with your consent. We utilise the data as necessary to fulfil your service requests, maintain ongoing client relationships, handle account maintenance requests, and as otherwise permitted by local, state, and federal laws.
Data on the population. Your age, gender, family size, and/or level of education are examples of personal information. We have a commercial requirement to adapt content, advertising, and understand more about our audiences, which is why we gather and use this data.
Activity and usage data, such as details about your preferences, buying patterns, and other navigational information, such as websites visited and adverts seen or clicked on, are used to tailor content and advertising to you.
public observational data. such as actions taken on blogs, videos, and other online postings that are used to tailor advertising and content.
Social media sites and other services provided by third parties. Features created to interact with social media sites and other third-party services may be present in certain of our services (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and loyalty programs). We may get information about you from such third parties, such as account and profile data, if you access the Services through one of these social media platforms or provide us access to their services. We may then combine this information with information we already have about you. Please see the section below on social features for further details on how to use social networks.
In addition, we may gather data about you via interactive apps (such as mobile devices, third-party social networking sites, and embedded audio and video players), co-branded partners’ and websites (such as those on our Facebook pages), our advertisers, and publicly available sources (e.g., data aggregators and public databases). The actions of third parties, including those who could divulge information to us, are not covered by this privacy statement.
Employer-related information Include information from a recruitment agency when you decide to submit an application for employment with a Red Ventures Company. We will use the information we collect to connect you with open positions and streamline the hiring process.

Information Processing and Use

We may use information in the following ways in addition to the ones listed elsewhere in this policy:

to recognise you whenever you interact with us or use our services.
To deliver content recommendations based on your interactions and interests.
to fulfil orders placed with our clients and in our services, to make our Services available to you.
To complete activities related to your paid usage of the Services, such as processing payments and confirming your identification or payment details for your security and protection.
To contact with you (for instance, regarding changes to our terms or your account) and to react to questions you may have concerning support, job openings, or other requests.
In line with applicable regulations, to distribute marketing and promotional materials for our Services, including details about our goods and services, sales, market research, and promotions.
to deliver to you on our Services customised advertising based on your online activities. In order to show you relevant interest-based advertising, measure the effectiveness and reach of advertisements and services, confirm delivery and track the performance of an advertising campaign, and make sure that the same users don’t see the same ads too frequently, we use the information we have to improve our advertising systems. By clicking the Cookie Settings link in the footer of each website, you may adjust your preferences for targeted advertising.
to determine your entry into and qualification to take part in competitions, gifts, or sweepstakes, as well as to notify you if you’ve won. We will make that information clear in the applicable rules regulating the contest, gift, or sweepstakes if your entry information will be used for any other purposes.
To monitor, improve, and undertake analytics on our Services and advertiser product offerings.
to manage our connections and for internal administrative needs such as the security and safety of our Services.
to enable you to use any social features you wish, including live social media feeds, and to engage in social sharing.
Periodically, the Apps in our Services might ask to tell you on any events or promotions we might be holding by sending you push notifications. Additionally, the Apps might request your consent to access your camera and your photographs. You can turn them off at the device level if you no longer wish to receive these communications or if you initially permitted the application to access your camera and photographs and now wish to prevent the Apps from doing so. We will need to gather specific information about your device, such as the operating system and user identity information, to make sure you receive the right notifications.
To identify security breaches and defend against nefarious, dishonest, fraudulent, or unlawful activities, including tries to bend the rules or violate our policies, processes, and terms and conditions.
to fulfil our legal commitments, to establish or exercise our legal rights, to ward off legal action, and to look into, stop, or do something about potential wrongdoing.
for any additional uses that are permitted by law and that you may have consented to that are not included by this privacy statement.

Although the aforementioned sections outline our main goal(s) in gathering your information, there are times when we have multiple goals. For instance, if you make an online purchase, we may need to gather your information to fulfil our contract with you, but we also need to store your information for business purposes so that we may readily address any problems you may have about your order after the transaction is complete. As a result, we may collect and use your information when we have your consent, as necessary to carry out a contract, as required by law, or as necessary for us to run our business.

sharing of knowledge

We may disclose your Personal Information in the following circumstances, in addition to the specific ones covered elsewhere in this policy:

Acquisitions and Affiliates Your Personal Information might be shared with our corporate affiliates (e.g., parent company, sister companies, subsidiaries, joint ventures, or other companies under common control). We will also share your Personal Information with that company using appropriate safeguards, including during the negotiating stage, if another company purchases, or intends to purchase, our business, assets, or company.
Our commercial clients. When we gather data on behalf of our corporate clients, we make such data available to those companies.
Service Companies. We supply service providers with your information. Service providers may assist us with managing our website, conducting surveys, offering technical support, assisting or supporting our company operations and other administrative tasks, processing payments, and helping to fulfil orders, among other things.
Promotion of a partner. With outside partners, we might run competitions, sweepstakes, or other promotions. Your information will be shared with us and that third party partner if you choose to participate in a contest, sweepstakes, or promotion that is hosted by and/or linked to that partner. This privacy statement does not apply to how they utilise your data.
Services for measuring the audience. In order to help us and other websites measure and comprehend the audiences that read our content, we might share your Personal Information with audience measurement firms like Comscore and Nielsen.
viewing patterns for videos. We may share information about your video viewing habits with third parties, such as advertising agencies, analytics partners, and social media platforms, in accordance with any applicable laws.
Anonymous and aggregated data. Any third party may receive aggregated, anonymous information from us. This data isn’t connected to any personal information that can place you or another person in a specific context.
Advertising. We might divulge specific information to advertising platforms like Google and social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Snapchat so that we can target current users and clients with highly targeted ad campaigns. in order to further such campaigns. We may share a special code (such as a hashed email address) with the relevant Advertising platform so that it can be compared to current users of the platform and used to find potentially appropriate audiences for targeted advertising. For these goals, we make use of platforms like LiveRamp, LinkedIn Matched Audiences, Google Ads’ Customer Match, and Facebook Custom Audiences. In addition to promoting our own products and services, we may also assist third parties in marketing their own, including by directing those advertisements toward potential customers who would be most interested in them. These commercials can appear when using our services. Your IP address, along with your operating system and device type, may be used to provide adverts that are pertinent to you. We will only display advertising to you on your specific device that are optimised for you using information about that device. Visit our Cookie Policy or the section below titled “Your Choices” to see whether you may change your selections. Please click here to decline receiving person-based advertising from LiveRamp.
Public. A public forum may be available for posting comments or reviews on some of our Services. If you choose to submit information through our services, such information might be made available to the public or, with your consent, to other people or entities. Certain Services may share your Personal Information with third party marketing partners, who may then contact you via email, phone, postal mail, or other common communication channels with marketing and promotional messages about their goods or services, with your consent as appropriate when necessary. When we conduct a competition with one of our advertising partners, for instance, we may give you the choice to continue receiving messages from that advertiser. Your personal information will be handled in accordance with that third party’s privacy policy if you give permission to receive communications from that third party advertiser. In rare circumstances, we may also require your permission before disclosing your information to third parties not previously mentioned in this privacy statement.
Without Your Consent, Additional Disclosures To comply with applicable laws or in response to subpoenas, warrants, or court orders, as well as other legal processes, we may be required to divulge information. Additionally, we might disclose your information in order to defend against legal action, establish or execute our legal rights, as well as in order to look into, stop, or do anything about alleged fraud, unlawful activity, the safety of people or property, or policy violations.

Social Qualities

There may be elements in some of our Services that enable interactions between our website and third-party websites or services, such as third-party social networks, that you initiate (collectively, “Social Features”). You might be able to “like” or “share” material from our Services on websites or apps like Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, YouTube/Google, and LinkedIn, for instance. You should consider the privacy policies of these services before choosing to share or “like” content from our Services through them.

Red Ventures and the social media services that run the Social Features may have access to certain information about you and how you use both our site and theirs if you utilise Social Features on our Services or access our Services via Social Features. The interfaces set up on our Services may enable a social media site to link your site visit and browsing activity to the personal data stored on your social media site if you are a member and registered in to that social media site. On these social media platforms, we might use your information in aggregate to show you ads that are relevant to your interests. You are recommended to study the privacy policies of these social networking sites independently as their policies regulate these practises.

Additionally, we might ask for your consent to: a) access and gather the data from your social networking account; and b) post content on your behalf to your connections. When you link your Red Ventures account to a social networking site, you give us permission to access certain information about you from that site in order to deliver content and services, including to assist us in customising our communications with you and in creating rich online content and services across the Services. The privacy policies and settings of such third-party services govern the data we might obtain through your social networking services.

The privacy policies of the social media platforms, including whether they continue to share information with us, the types of information shared, and your choices regarding what is visible to others on those third-party websites or services, continue to apply to the information gathered and stored by those platforms.

Services for TV and audio controls

In order to improve your experience watching video content, we have partnered with a few outside businesses that provide TV and audio control services. For instance, you can search for, access, or recommend video content on the Services using third-party apps and audio control services like the Apple TV App or Siri. These applications and audio control services might be able to gather and save data about you, including information about your activity related to watching videos on the Services. You agree to the sharing of information about you, including the video content you have watched on the Services, by utilising your Services account with a third-party TV app or audio control service. By accessing the privacy settings of the third-party app, you can restrict how third-party TV apps or audio control services collect and store data about your viewing of video content. By accessing the Apple TV App Settings page and selecting the “Remove and Clear Play History” option, for instance, you can stop the Apple TV App from collecting and storing your video content viewing data. For additional information on the privacy policies for Apple TV and audio control services, click here.

Maintain Information Control

You have the following options when it comes to your personal information via our online form here:

Your Personal Information Can Be Accessible. You have the right to ask us to give you access to the personal data we have collected about you. We shall provide you with reasonable access to the personal data we hold on you upon request and as required by law.
alterations to your personal data You are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of your Personal Information. Please take note that, to the extent authorised by law, we may retain historical data in our backup files. Contact us at the address listed below if our Services do not allow you to update or modify specific information. We shall respond that we are acting as a Service Provider and are unable to comply with your request if we are processing your Personal Information on behalf of one of our clients.
Your personal information is deleted. Unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law, when we collect information on our own behalf, we normally retain your Personal Information for the time necessary to achieve the objectives described in this policy. However, by contacting us at the address listed below, you can ask us for details on the length of time we hold a particular type of information or ask us to erase your Personal Information. We will abide by a request to have information removed if required by law, but you should be aware that there are times when we must retain personal data to meet legal requirements, settle disputes, uphold agreements, or for another one of our business needs. We shall respond that we are acting as a Service Provider and are unable to comply with your request if we are processing your Personal Information on behalf of one of our clients.
Refusal of Some Processing You can object to how we use your Personal Information when we process data on our own behalf by contacting us at the number provided below. For instance, California residents may have the right to object to or withdraw their consent from the sale of their Personal Information to third parties. Please click the following link if you live in California and would prefer not to have your information sold: Please don’t sell my private information. When California consumers exercise any of the rights outlined in this policy, we do not treat them differently.
Withdrawal of Consent. In the event that you withdraw your permission to the processing of your personal data, we might no longer be able to offer you services. If the law enables or requires us to do so, or if we are unable to sufficiently authenticate your identification, we may in some circumstances limit or deny your request to revoke consent. By getting in touch with us at the address provided below, you can revoke your consent to processing (where such processing is based on consent).
Please be aware that we must need identification proof from you in order to complete your request because that is required by law. We may need your name, phone number, and email address in order to process your request, at the very least. Depending on how sensitive the personal information associated to your request is, we might need more information to confirm your identity.

Additionally, you have the following options when it comes to communication preferences:

Marketing emails. You have the option to provide us your email address so that we can send you newsletters, surveys, offers, and other marketing materials, as well as personalised offers from third parties. Follow the unsubscribe instructions in emails you receive to stop getting promotional emails. We may still send you service-related information even if you choose not to receive promotional emails.
marketing mailings Your name, address, and zip code should be included in an email to us (contact information is below) with the subject line “NO SNAIL MAIL” if you ever decide that you do not want to receive offers and/or circulars from us. Please note that our mailings are prepared in advance of their being sent. After receiving your request, we will remove your name from our mailing list, but you might still get mailings from us that were started before your name was removed.
Push Notifications and text messages. You can choose not to receive further text messages from us if you receive one from us that contains promotional content by texting “STOP” or “UNSUBSCRIBE.” You may choose whether to receive push notifications on your device.
Online monitoring. Currently, we are unable to recognise automated browser signals regarding tracking technologies, including “Do Not Track” requests.
Cookies: Most websites provide a “cookie settings” link in the footer where you may check your preferences. Additional details on setting controls are available in our Cookie Policy.