autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version

autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version offline installer for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit from softwares academy, For engineers and architects, Autodesk AutoCAD 2002 is a potent drafting and designing tool.

autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version

autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version is the ideal choice for you if you’re seeking for a professional computer-aided design and drafting application.

The top design and drafting programme on the market, autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version, offers engineers the best possible solution. It offers a lot of new tools and features to make drawing simple.

A bulletin board is a feature of this software that can show messages and other events, be minimised or expanded, and be opened in full-screen mode. This release introduces associative dimensioning, which may be activated or disabled from the options.


This software is simple to use and requires less time and effort thanks to its drag and drop capability for hatch patterns and user-friendly interface.

The designs and draughts can be exported in DWG format, which can be viewed and edited by any version of autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version.

Numerous improvements make the software more dependable. You can create and design flawlessly with autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version. It is a reliable tool that can meet all of the engineers’ fundamental design requirements.

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Overview for Autocad 2002

programming language AutoLISPAutoPRINT 2D plot printer and AutoSketch 3D design tool all these applications run on it, AutoCAD is a best CAD software in the world. To create technical drawings of structures, bridges, road maps, etc., this edition of autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version is the best.

You’ll be able to finish your job on schedule. The new features of AutoCAD 2002 include the sheet set manager, which automatically organises the worksheets in your file. Additionally, when saving, AutoCAD will prompt you select a name for your work save.

AutoCAD drawings It is simple to print, export into PDF files for e-mailing, or publish on websites so that you can see a preview before printing.

Programming language AutoLISP

An good 3D modelling application for creating technical drawings of structures including buildings, bridges, road maps, etc. is AutoLISP.

It contains a lot of brand-new features, like an AutoCAD command line interface. When saving your work, AutoCAD will ask you for a name in the AutoLISP programming language. ALSIP sheets You may easily print it out or export it as PDF files to publish it on websites like or send it via email.

The finest AutoCAD version for technical drawing of structures, bridges, road maps, etc. is autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version. You’ll be able to finish your job on schedule. Numerous new features are included in it, such as sheet set manager, which automatically maintains worksheets in your file after saving.

You will be prompted by AutoCAD to give your work’s AutoCAD sheets a name. You may easily print it out or export it as PDF files to publish it online or send it by email. Try AutoCAD 2005 Free as well.

Associative Dimensioning should be checked

Associative Dimensioning, a new AutoCAD feature, is included. The user of AutoCAD can choose an object, dimension it, and then drag the dimension to another spot on the AutoCAD drawing thanks to this capability. As you change the dimensions around the design area, AutoCAD will update all dimension values accordingly.


In AutoCAD 2002, a brand-new feature called AutoSnap is provided. Holding down various AutoSnap keys makes it easier to place objects using snap-points that are shown on the autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version screen itself.


It also includes the intriguing new AutoHatch tool, which makes hatching patterned objects simpler than ever before. Users of AutoCAD can design their own hatch patterns in the hatch editor window and then apply them to complete objects or use the AutoHatch tool to automatically size and position hatches depending on the objects in an AutoCAD drawing.

Both AutoCAD patterns and AutoCAD custom sizes are compatible with AutoCAD AutoHatch.

With the introduction of AutoBridge in autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version, AutoLISP programmers may now quickly construct bridges from two endpoints of lines, polylines, arcs, circles, or ellipses.

By drawing a line segment between the last vertices on both sides of the polyline, the AutoCLOSE command will automatically convert polylines into closed pathways.

Additionally, AutoCLOSE fills in any angle’s gaps in open polylines between disconnected segments. When using DWGdirect technology, AutoCLOSE comes across non-edge-connected geometry such as XRefs or imported DXF files.


With the help of the exciting new AutoCAD tool Auto Dissolve, connecting two continuous AutoCAD drawing objects is now simpler than ever. Figure 1 illustrates how Auto Dissolve performed.

Along with AutoJoin, a new method that combines numerous AutoCAD objects into a single object, this functionality can be used.

Users of AutoDissolve can also design their own AutoCAD dissolve patterns and apply them to AutoCAD drawing objects, or they can utilise the AutoDissolve function to automatically size and position AutoCAD dissolve patterns depending on AutoCAD drawing objects.

Trimming numerous AutoCAD objects is now simpler than ever thanks to the new and fascinating Auto Trim tool! This tool, for instance, can be used to combine two or more AutoCad blocks into a single block.

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Another helpful function in autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version that makes dealing with tables simpler than ever before is called AutoTable. Without having to enter each cell individually, the user can utilise Auto Tables to automatically add new rows and columns to an existing table.

You can use this tool as a calculator and save your mathematical results in table cells. The formula =12+34 can be entered into a cell after adding a column to a table, for instance. The sum of 12 plus 34 will be calculated automatically using Auto Table, and the result will be stored in those fields.

Other AutoCAD drawing elements, such as AutoLine, AutoText, AutoHatch, and AutoDissolve, can be used to increase efficiency in general.


You must first comprehend restrictions in autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version in order to understand the Auto Correct tool. An instance command on an object or set value of an entity must satisfy a condition or rule known as a constraint (parameter).

For instance, AutoCAD will prompt you to specify the arc’s radius if you want to draw an arc by its centre point. It has an Auto Correct feature that aids in automatically addressing limitations. There are two settings in AutoCorrect: Automatic and Manual.

In AutoCorrect’s default setting, it automatically resolves restrictions based on your input at each step. If there are any unsolved constraints, AutoCAD will alert you to them.

When drawing an arc (choosing a start point and two end points), the Auto Correct tool will automatically determine the radius value by asking you how far apart the first and second points are.

Another notable new addition to AutoCAD is the ability to make linkages with other Autodesk products. It can communicate with AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Mechanical, and AutoCAD Architecture.

With the help of this AutoLink tool, users of AutoCAD will be able to read drawing files from AutoCAD Mechanical or AutoCAD Architecture and edit them there.


It now has a new feature called “Auto Frame” that enables you to frame any item using either its bounding rectangle or the angles you choose for it. When drawing patterned things, like electrical switchboards, which have a recognisable frame pattern, this function comes in handy.

Other features, such as Grid choices for saving AutoCAD drawing files, have been added to autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version. The AutoCAD apps AutoCAD, AutoCADLT, and AutoPLOT can now be saved in the directory structure of your choice. For instance, when asked for a new name and location for the AutoCAD file, choose New Folder.

It now has a new set of zoom functions that, in comparison to earlier iterations, better match the zoom scale factor. Fit-To-Screen and Continuous zoom tools are the two varieties of zoom tools offered by autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version.

While the continuous zoom tool allows users to resize the AutoCAD drawing window while AutoCAD is still in ZOOM mode, the fit-to-screen tool zooms to show the complete drawing area on the screen without any scroll bars.

Snap Auto Zoom and AutoGrid choices are among the technologies that enhance AutoCAD’s printing capabilities. When AutoSnap zooms items, it now makes use of grid spacing (the default grid spacing is 30 pixels). On the other hand, after applying AutoFit, text lengths can be consistently controlled using Autogrid.


With the help of the Auto Arrange function, you can quickly “untidy” your drawings by grouping entities (things) with similar characteristics or a similar aesthetic into clusters, giving your drawing file a cleaner, more organised appearance.

It also includes brand-new shapes like regular polygons and stars. Now, autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version can create rounded rectangles.

Brand-new AutoLISP features

AutoCAD 2002 offers some very helpful new features to AutoLISP programmers, such as CLOSEALL, which closes all opened drawing files, and OPENFILES, which lets you open multiple drawings/layouts simultaneously.

The following two new commands for manipulating arrays are also available in AutoLISP: ARRAYMATRIX and ARROWHEAD. The ARROWHEAD function creates an arrow object on any chosen line segment, whereas the ARRAYMATRIX function makes a matrix of array objects.

new AutoCAD guidance

An expanded online autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version toolbox containing documentation on AutoLISP commands, AutoCorrect, and AutoSnap is now a part of the upgraded AutoCAD help system. Additionally, a CD called AutoGraphix that has two hours of video instruction is included with the new version.

Features of Autodesk AutoCAD 2002

The numerous innovations and improvements in autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version include

  • pleasant user interface
  • Reliable
  • modern tools
  • Message Board
  • patterns of drag-and-drop hatching
  • Dimensional Associative Features
  • Export designs using Associative Dimensioning in DWG format.
  • numerous improvements and new features

System Requirements for Autodesk AutoCAD 2002

Before downloading and installing autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version, make sure your system satisfies the listed requirements.

  • Microsoft Windows XP and Vista
  • Installed Memory (RAM): 128MB of RAM is required.
  • Hard disc space: Installation requires at least 300 MB of free disc space.
  • Processing Unit: Single Core
Software Full Name:AutoCAD 2002
Full Setup Size:RAM: 64MB
Setup Type:Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup
Compatibility Architecture:32 Bit (x86) / 64 Bit (x64)
Release Added On:null

Download Autodesk Autocad 2002 Full Version

To get the standalone offline installer for Windows x86 and x64 architecture of autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version, click the link below. It works with every previous Windows version.

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Questions about autodesk autocad 2002 download free full version

How old is AutoCAD?

A popular commercial drafting and computer-aided design (CAD) programme is AutoCAD. AutoCAD, created and marketed by Autodesk, was first made available as a desktop application for microcomputers with built-in graphics controllers in December 1982.

Is AutoCAD a good career?

Anyone who loves design and working with computers might consider a career in drafting, also known as AutoCAD drafting. Drafters possess strong technical proficiency, spatial awareness, mathematical aptitude, and problem-solving ability.


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