Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 Download

Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 Download is a highly convenient video editing software that offers an extensive array of potent editing tools.

This application is designed to work seamlessly with the most current and cutting-edge video formats available, including H.265/HEVC footage from the latest camera models such as Panasonic GH-series and Sony RX100 III camcorders.

The Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 Portable Standalone version comes with numerous new updates, marking it as the first iteration of Adobe Premiere to provide support for editing 360° footage.

This version is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit systems and can be easily installed on various Windows versions.

Stay with us through this article on, to learn how to obtain Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 Download link, and know about it`s new features and system requirements to have a smooth user experience.

Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 overview

Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 Download

Supposedly, Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 Download streamlines the video production process.

Traditionally, video production has been associated with intricate workflows and demanding hardware prerequisites.

Nonetheless, Adobe Premiere Pro has the capability to generate professional-grade videos without the necessity for costly equipment or advanced computer skills.

This latest iteration of Adobe’s video editing software incorporates numerous novel updates, aimed at delivering users a more straightforward approach to video production.

Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 Download offers support for both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs within 64-bit Windows operating systems, as well as all 32-bit OSs.

Its launch date was October 19th, 2017, and the software can be installed from any location even without an internet connection or the requirement of a product activation code.

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Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 features

Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 features

The new update encompasses the following added features of Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 Download:

  • New Interface and Toolbars:

The latest iteration presents a fresh interface adorned with contemporary toolbars.

This revamped interface boasts enhanced user-friendliness, with tools thoughtfully organized for swift access, consequently expediting the editing process.

The novel Lumetri Color Panel introduces a real-time preview of the impact of your adjustments during the editing process, along with heightened noise reduction capabilities that yield superior outcomes, especially when dealing with challenging lighting conditions.

Presently, Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 Download showcases a renewed interface accompanied by sleeker toolbars.

Navigational ease is prioritized, providing convenient access to pivotal functions such as clip trimming and seamless transitions between clips, all achievable without the need to navigate additional panels!

  • GPU acceleration technology:

Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 Download is equipped with cutting-edge GPU acceleration technology, providing a seamless real-time editing experience.

This technology empowers you to achieve swifter processing of your footage within the software.

If your laptop or PC is equipped with a GPU, you stand to gain significant advantages.

In essence, there’s no need for additional installations, as everything necessary for an enjoyable experience, including rapid clip processing and intelligent performance, is readily accessible within the program.

Additionally, this software boasts multi-track audio tools, an array of limitless color correction possibilities, and much more!

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  • 360° VR content support:

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 now provides comprehensive support for 360° VR content, offering a range of immersive video formats that ensure an exceptional viewing experience.

VR180 Camera: This unique camera captures a complete spherical perspective of 360°x180°, making it ideal for capturing moments in both the real world and virtual reality settings.

Noteworthy features include the ability to live stream on popular platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube 360, and more, as well as support for spatial sound capture on mobile devices.

Clips can be seamlessly edited within Premiere Pro CC, utilizing tools like Lumetri Scopes and Adobe Color.

After completing the editing process, you can directly upload your clip to platforms such as Facebook Spaces.

This enables you to share your creation with friends who can experience these blended realities firsthand, or with individuals who are yet to explore this innovative medium themselves.

  • Fast export for Web projects:

Efficiently export web projects across multiple devices by utilizing the Mercury Transmit plugin.

With this enhancement, users gain the ability to set up both project and sequence preferences to bypass the rendering stage.

Consequently, they can directly publish their content from Premiere Pro without the need to await the completion of exporting within Adobe Media Encoder (AME).

This functionality enables immediate sharing of content on social media platforms or websites as soon as the editing process is finalized.

Additionally, users have the option to preconfigure sequences, streamlining the process by incorporating format presets through simple drag-and-drop actions into a new sequence window.

Once configured, users can selectively render specific segments rather than the entire project during publishing.

This targeted rendering minimizes waiting time, delivering a more efficient experience when dealing with previews.

  • Audio Mixer Toolbar:

Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 Download features an advanced and enhanced Audio Mixer Toolbar designed to control audio playback during previews.

This toolbar encompasses Audio Mixing Tracks, Volume Controls, and track-specific Panning for each individual track.

This mixer tool offers a streamlined method to adjust audio levels for various channels on a soundboard before exporting your project as either a video or audio file.

Audio Clips can be easily modified, allowing for changes in volume, panning, and looping modes using the Audio Mixer Toolbar.

Furthermore, Audio Clips can be sourced from a variety of sound inputs, such as CD or DVD players.

This toolbar facilitates the import of audio files stored on your system drive directly onto the project timeline, simplifying accessibility.

By simply dragging and dropping the file onto the Timeline window after designating its source folder location through a dialog box that appears upon clicking the button located at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

  • Improved Live Text templates:

The enhancement to Live Text Templates is noteworthy, as it now permits the inclusion of both columns and rows.

This update empowers users to fashion bespoke layouts within a grid comprising as many as four columns and rows, a notable expansion from the previous limitation of two.

Furthermore, these templates grant users greater command over text dimensions and formatting.

Improvements have been made to features such as Character Styles and Animation Presets.

With the most recent iteration of Premiere Pro CC software, seamless utilization awaits users.

The process of integrating elements from other projects into the current timeline has been remarkably streamlined.

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Tasks like dragging or copying and pasting items across timelines have been made effortless, signifying a significant convenience for users.

  • Supports a wide variety of cameras:

Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 Download is compatible with a range of camera brands including Blackmagic, Canon, Nikon, and more.

This makes it an ideal option for users of DSLR cameras due to its ability to handle various formats and frame rates.

The supported camera types are:

  • Blackmagic Design cameras.
  • Canon EOS cameras with Pentax K mount.
  • Nikon F mount SLRs and MILC models.
  • Panasonic AJA camera types.
  • Sony Alpha A mount, DSC‑HXF/DSC‑RX100 series cameras using XAVC S format

In addition to these, Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 Download also offers support for RED RAW files generated by RED RAVEN sensor models.

  • Adobe Media Encoder (AME):

Adobe Media Encoder serves as a tool to transform your video clips and audio files from various formats into Adobe’s widely accepted codec, the h.264 mp4 file format.

This conversion facilitates easy publication on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, eliminating the need for complicated processes.

Numerous recent enhancements have been incorporated into Adobe Media Encoder (AME):

  • Provision for video clips at resolutions of 600p and above, featuring advanced 16x multi-pass encoding.
  • Augmented support for HDR workflows:
    • Novel functionalities encompass the capacity to modify exposure points and regulate color saturation on a scene-by-scene basis.
    • Additionally, push and pull adjustments can be uniformly applied across all sequences.
  • Introduction of Adobe Primetime Encoder (APE), an exclusive extension accessible solely to Adobe Creative Cloud members through Premiere Pro.
  • This extension enables playback of premium content, such as TV shows, at nearly broadcast-quality speeds, upholding image fidelity.
  • The most recent version also boasts improved compatibility with MacOS High Sierra and iOS 11 devices when utilizing AME.
  • Furthermore, the update encompasses various bug fixes and overall enhancements to enhance application stability.

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System requirements for Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 Download

System requirements for Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 Download

Here are Adobe’s official Premiere Pro system requirements provided below.

For a more comprehensive list, you can visit their website, where you’ll also find the system requirements for VR, hardware acceleration, as well as the recommended AMD and NVIDIA GPUs.

Listed below are the official minimum and recommended system requirements for Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 Download, which was released in July 2018.

As of the current writing, there are no newer official system requirements available for Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 Download:

ComponentsMinimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
ProcessorMulticore processor with 64-bit support
Operating SystemWindows 7 with Service Pack 1 (64 bit),

Windows 8.1 (64 bit)
Windows 10 (64 bit),

Build numbers 1507 and 1807 are not supported.
RAM8 GB16 GB or more
Hard disk~9 GB of available space~9 GB available space (SSD)
Monitor resolution1280×1080 display1920 x 1080 display or larger
Sound CardSound card compatible with ASIO protocol
or Microsoft Windows Driver Model
GPUOptional: Any Adobe-certified Graphics Card

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Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 Download link

To initiate your search for Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 Download and explore the option of a free download, simply click on the icon provided below.

Adobe Premiere Pro is available as a standalone, fully offline installer for Windows operating systems.

As long as you have a compatible version of Windows, this software will function seamlessly without any issues, you can get Adobe Premiere pro cc 2018 Download link from this button:

Password 123

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